NIL Tracker: University deals, prohibitions, and where NCAA student athletes can monetize

August 15, 2021

With the recent passing of name, image, and likeness (NIL) rulings across the US, positivity has ensued as NCAA student athletes can now monetize their NIL through social media, camps, and other passions. However, there is still much confusion about as the NCAA has not yet rolled out a federally recognized law leaving the states and institutions to develop their own NIL policies.

The information and research below has been conducted to inform our current and future student athlete creators on the Curastory platform to understand what sponsorship deals their universities have in place and what prohibitions their universities have set in their NIL policies.

Curastory blocks protected creator accounts

Protected creator accounts in Curastory are those that cannot monetize their native, creator-recorded ads from prohibited industries including, but not limited to gambling, alcohol, politics, adult entertainment, and drug-related substances.

Whenever prohibited industry brand accounts run video ad campaigns in Curastory, the protected creator accounts' videos are never shown or matched to these prohibited industry brand accounts in platform. See below for some examples of prohibited industry brand accounts running campaigns in Curastory.

Gambling / Sports betting

  • BetMGM
  • Caesars Entertainment
  • PlayUp


  • Mahou Beer

Drug-related substances

  • Hivi

If you are a protected creator account and not sure if you are listed as one in Curastory, email our Customer Support Team.

How to use the NIL Tracker

  1. Find your university (or hopeful university). Filter through universities by state, Power 5 schools, and state NIL legislation status.
  2. Take note of your university sponsorship deals and NIL policy prohibitions. Is your school affiliated with household name brands like Nike or Coca-Cola? Well, that might mean you cannot monetize from any apparel brands or non-Coca-Cola beverage products, but be sure to check both columns before coming to a conclusion. Check out how Curastory blocks competitive brand accounts from monetizing your native, creator-recorded video ads.
  3. Take note of the Curastory blocked brand accounts. See above! We have made it easy for you to see what type of prohibited industry brand accounts are blocked from monetizing native, creator-recorded video ads from protected creator accounts like NCAA student athletes.

*Research was conducted by the Curastory Team and is in no way a replacement for legal counsel, representation, or other certified persons providing legal advice.*

Notice any needed changes? Reach out to our research team to update.

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